Invigorating Wunda Chair<br>Lisa Hubbard<br>Class 1648

Invigorating Wunda Chair
Lisa Hubbard
Class 1648

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Lots of challenging fun in this compact, little workout...just what I needed :) Thank you, Lisa!!
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Love the work with hand weights. As always Lisa, you look fabulous!
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Really enjoyed that, not a moment wasted and great chair review as I prepare for BASI test out. Already sore from those side pikes! Arm weights great touch, stability challenge!
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Inspiring to the max! Thanks so much for sharing!
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Thanks Lisa! I love workouts that are short and efficient.
Lucie Bécus
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Fun and challenging! I have some things to work on!!
Lisa Hubbard
Thanks to everyone! This is one really got me working in the end!
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Very nice invigorating little class. I really enjoyed it Lisa.
Lisa Hubbard
Thank you Djamila, I like your description if it as well ??
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Very nice flow and no moment wasted. Perfect express workout.
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