Creating Space in your Body<br>Michele Larsson<br>Class 1707

Creating Space in your Body
Michele Larsson
Class 1707

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This is a treat with so many treasures for one session! I have too many favorites to list but thank you Michele for offering these gems!
Paola Maruca
May I say something????? I am so jealous of you Kristy....I would have given anything to be in your place
what a treat!!!!!!
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As always, a wonderful lesson filled with lots of great exercises and cues!!
This one session taught me so much. So many wonderful variations of standards, but the cueing and adjustments made this truly special. Thanks, Michele!
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great Sunday morning workout....thanks Kristi and Michelle!
Paola... umm... I get it. When this session ended, I realized I had hosted Michele twice before on PA and even been to her house in Santa Fe (on a trip for the legacy project), but this was my first "private" session with her. I walked away slightly stunned and your comment reminds me of my good fortune. And Paola, come see us, Anytime! I'd like you to have this experience too.
Paola Maruca
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Kristi, I will come back soon (hopefully). You guys are fantastic and have truly become our (Pilates instructors and Pilates devotees worldwide) extended family Thank you!
absolutely unique and wonderful! Michelle, you are such a role model! Thank you!
Karin H
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it would be interesting to see Michelle work with someone who really is level 1/2; much less experienced; I'm interested in seeing the modifications on someone with a much less flexible spine and body awareness as wonderful Kristi. Great job Kristi!
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Wow, wow,wow!!! I loved this and so jealous Kristi:) Amazing work . I really like the way Michelle teaches. Great job Kristi.
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