Lumbo-Pelvic Pain<br>Brent Anderson<br>Workshop 1712

Lumbo-Pelvic Pain
Brent Anderson
Workshop 1712

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Thank You Brent. I love this Workshop! I am a Pilates Instructor PMA, and now i am learning The feldenkrais method to be an instructor, and all of this information in this workshop makes sense in the way of the Feldenkrais Concept. It was amasing! Thank you and sorry for my english
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Very valuable workshop! I appreciate how you transfer the Mission of Joseph Pilates into our world today, where we have to take new insights from research of the body into consideration. That makes the work veracious. It is not simply a "method" that you keep praying. Thank you, - you inspired me to look closer for the truth in my body and in the one of the person who is coming to me ,trusting, and looking for help to get better.
Marion Cooper Farrell
Thank you Brent for an amazing workshop. Your clear communication style tied with your vast knowledge allows for a workshop that is not overwhelming. I look forward to using these concepts to help my clients and myself in our Pilates work!!
Amazing workshop. Thank you Brent.
Thank you Brent! I am just starting to heal a lumbar tear & get back to Pilates. I was diagnosed in '71 w early moderate to severe arthritis DJD, DDD Scoliosis S curve & some spurs (hereditary) but since I have been a movement instructor since 1979, its never really bothered me so much. My right hip is wasted from years of Dance & I was also a runner.After moving to MPLS in Nov. of 2014 I started experiencing severe pain in my hip & numbness in both hands. I spent the last 4 months going to Dr.s to find out what was causing such horrific debilitating sciatica w severe cramping in my tibia, ankle & toes. Xrays from a chiropractor revealed foraminal and central canal stenosis in neck and back. I went to a hip surgeon thinking I had labrum tear. He said "no your Labrum is toast."
But after 3 Specialists, 2 Surgeons, 1 Neurologist & 3 MRIs, cervical, lumbar & brain (to rule out MS) everyone said Hip replacement... until they saw my Cervical MRI & insisted on rehabbing my neck b4 anything else. Even though my clinical signs were in my back, they all said my neck was worse.

I feel so grateful for your work and so glad you addressed the MRI issue. Mine scared the life out of me and apparently them! The PT's looked at me with pity after viewing my MRI. Then I saw it myself. Big mistake! My cervical spinal canal looked as narrow as a thread in one area. Interestingly, they told me to keep my core strong & do Pilates but I was still frightened because I never felt so much pain
upon standing walking sitting getting in & out of the vehicle & I was literally frozen @times w cramp that stayed w me for 12 hours. Luckily, I found a neurologist who said I was probably born w the 8mm spinal canal in my cervical region @C-4/5 a congenital block @C3-C-4, flattened /impinged spinal cord @ C-5/6 aWhew!!I What a relief. I swear I started getting better the minute he said that.
My core has been super strong from doing / teaching Pilates since 2001. Outside of some mild hip pain and fibromyalgia, I have been doing really well and have been very active in my Pilates and Yoga Practice without incident. I was so surprised how quickly I had lost the neuromuscular connection in those few months. I was baffled that I could even lose my core but I did. It was too painful to move most of the time and I could only do certain fundamentals. I thank the Universe for Pilates Anytime.
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I always turn to your classes and workshops for help whether informational, guidance or cueing etc. And they do so much!!!!! This workshop was exactly what I needed today. Its so true about the MRI. It should be rule #1.:Never read your own MRI, Thank you again Brent for being part of my healing journey through the years since I started my membership with Pilates Anytime.
Thank you so much about this fantastic workshop, Brent. As always I learn so much from you!
Kristy or anybody, I just watched this workshop and even though I watched all parts fully it only gives me 98% or 99% and same when I re-watch so I cannot take the test in the end. Could you help me please? Thank you very much! Tess x
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