Isometric Reformer Challenge
Mariska Breland
Class 1731

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Beautiful. I felt longer, taller, and leaner at the end of this class. Love that it promotes deliberate, graceful movement. One of my favorites!
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Great class - loved the unique abs at the end and all the isometric challenges :)
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Wow! A great class that was challenging, creative, and oh so fun. Love your classes
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I loved your class!!!!! Thank you!
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Fantastic class! Loved the precision and creativity. Thank you!
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Simply perfect. A lot of hard work that made me feel alive. Fantastic teacher. Thank you Mariska
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Loved this workout! Will look for more of your videos.
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This class was wonderful !! Thank you .
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Beautifully controlled, precise class. Lovely challenge.
This was so challenging, so smart and so enjoying!!! Great feeling afterwards! I wish you had more classes on PA. Thank you so much!
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