Isometric Reformer Challenge<br>Mariska Breland<br>Class 1731

Isometric Reformer Challenge
Mariska Breland
Class 1731

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Hi Mariska. I am a interested in your Pilates for MS workshop. Would you consider bringing it to Denver?
Of course, Pam. You can email me through the website.
Victoria A
Mariska! You give the BEST classes- I've only been hooked up with the site for a week or so (and only have access to a reformer) but I can't find anyone else that gives such a kick butt class! Will you PLEASE make more reformer videos or recommend someone (almost) as awesome as you?

edit- there is a distinct possibility I may fly to you just to take a private :)
Hi Victoria! Thanks so much! There are plenty of more fabulous teachers than me - check out Julian Littleford first - he was my teacher and is incredibly creative. Melissa Connelly was one of his long-time teachers and also teaches in his similar style. In my experience, PA brings on people with a wealth of knowledge and from a lot of different backgrounds. You're going to love it, learn so much, and meet so many great teachers here!
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love all your classes....your cueing, creativity, and pace. Great stuff. You are me new go-to teacher on Pilates Anytime. Thanks!
Love this class, just took it again last night. Gave some of the exercises to a client today. When I had her do the side sitting on the reformer with the strap around the ankle exercise, she keep saying "I'm very angry, I'm very angry" over and over again. Lol.
Hahaha. I always take it as a compliment when my students tell me how much they hate me. Also, I have a habit of smiling when I deliver exercises they hate. I have zero poker face. ;)
You always have something unique and challenging to offer. Thanks for another great class.
More more more Mariska!!!  Love the modern variations and the pure creativity.  Excellent work!
Zeren Joy
Great! Thank u Mariska!!
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