Abdominal Tutorial<br>Ruth Alpert<br>Tutorial 1737

Abdominal Tutorial
Ruth Alpert
Tutorial 1737

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Thank you,Ruth. I always enjoy your sharing of such wonderful informatiion. The sea otter, by the way, is to the right of your left shoulder swimming left and passes your right shoulder at around 8:50
Thanks Maria - now I see it. When I'm teaching at the studio, I still have to stop and take my client to the windows when the dolphins play...I'm not over it yet!
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Thank you so much...I am a beginning teacher and need all the help I can get. Great reminder to cue the muscle contraction before the bone movement....thanks...and as I am in my late fifties myself...I know what a girdle is and am so happy that I can greate that one myself after doing pilates for many years!!
Jasmyn K
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Hi Ruth, I wish I would live in America to learn from you. There is no better way to explain how to engage the abs in pilates work. I use to explain the importance of activating the apps also with the swan exercise. The cients really feel the difference of activated or non activated abdominals while doing the excercise! Once again, I loved watching that video and you are added to my favorite List Greetings from Germany and sorry for grammar mistakes
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Thank you Jasmyn. What a wonderful way to start my day - reading your comments! No problem with grammar mistakes - you are totally intelligible. I'm so grateful to you!
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Thank you! Great information, easily understood.
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What a great review! Would you consider doing another tutorial about the proper use/placement of the head and neck as people advance through the mat work?(i.e., how to pick up your head correctly). I would like to know more about your opinion about the deep neck flexors and correct use in Pilates. Otter is definitely there.
Hi Jennifer! How are you!
Thanks for the request for a head/neck tutorial. I included a section on it in my Pilates Anytime workshop that we filmed a year and a half ago, but a separate tutorial could work, too. I'll ask Kristi about it...
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Fantastic tutorial! I loved the pelican dive bomb at the 11 minute mark! Or would that be a pelican photo bomb? Thank you for sharing this wonderful information.
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Thank you Ruth! Great explanation of how to engage the abdominals correctly!! I love the way you teach :)
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