Abdominal Tutorial<br>Ruth Alpert<br>Tutorial 1737

Abdominal Tutorial
Ruth Alpert
Tutorial 1737

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hi Ruth, loved this tutorial. Especially explanation with the Swan. Could we have more of this please? The exercises done wrong and right? What people usually do wrong and what would be the correction?

Hi Andrea, thank you very much for your feedback, glad it was useful.  I do have other tutorials on Pilates Anytime, perhaps check those out.  Filming new ones  with common patterns and corrections on specific exercises would be fun; at this point we have nothing scheduled.
Rajashree Srirangarajan
Loved your tutorial!
Thank you Rajashree!
Cass H
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This was very helpful.  My lower back is crunchy and "gives out" periodically.  I thought  I was using my core correctly and felt discouraged that all these years of pilates hadn't helped with this.  Your tutorial helped me find and use those muscles to protect my spine instead of just the bracing (which I didn't even know I was doing).  Thank you 
Thank you Cass!  I'm so glad to hear this, hope your back continues to find relief.
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