Abdominal Tutorial<br>Ruth Alpert<br>Tutorial 1737

Abdominal Tutorial
Ruth Alpert
Tutorial 1737

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Ruth, thank you so much for addressing this point. It's something that I am constantly addressing with my own clients and cannot stress enough before leading into more complicated Pilates exercises.
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I wish: similar to precise workshop regarding activation pelvic floor given by Ruth Alpert
I want to thank you so much for this tutorial! It was great. I learned so much from this. I really am thankful I was able to work with you years ago during my Core Dynamics training!!
thank you all for your comments.
And hi Heather! long time! so glad you liked it.
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great lesson! thank you Ruth!
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Ruth~ Wonderful tutorial! This videos are a great way to study with you.
Take a look around 20:50 in the back round in the ocean- a sea otter decided to listen in.
Local Motion Project
This FANTASTIC! On so many levels!! Thank you!
Jennifer - I'm looking for the otter... give me more hints, I can't find him!
A question:
Should me address sometmes the perinal muscle work to have stronger abs? I like your turorial and how you approach the subject.
Hi Louise - not sure what muscle you are referring to, can you explain a bit more? Do you mean pelvic floor?
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