Kathryn on Romana<br>Kathryn Ross-Nash<br>Discussion 1759

Kathryn on Romana
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Discussion 1759

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Mary L
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HI KATHI It was so fun seeing your excitement as you spoke of Ramona. She was a great lady and so are you!! I love all your videos, keep them coming. xxoo Mary Lyon
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i loved this. thank you kathryn, for sharing your story. i only met romana twice, but her big heart was what i remember the most. you are full, overflowing with the fruits of that experience.
I just re-watched this discussion. Kathi you are serving Romana very well with your open hearted sharing. Thank you!
YEAH! Brett and Kristi Thank you! This is something I will always cherish!
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So happy you like it too Kathi!!
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Kathryn, this was so much fun to watch and listen to the excitement as you spoke of romanana. I truely truely wish that i could have met and worked with her. I feel, from your discription of Romana, that i would have loved and enjoyed her company as much as you did. I do hope that someday you and i will meet. And Kristi, my hat off to you. I have enjoyed all these stories that people have shared with thier experience and work with 1st generation teachers. Maybe you will make a movie about the life of Mr.Pilates and his first Generation teachers. Something to think about. Thank you all. I truely am blessed to have found the Pilates Method.
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It's beautiful story.
Thank you~~~^^
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very inspiring ~ Thank You :)
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Kathi this is amazing gift that you give to me today! Listen to you about Romana, and your honest heart and beauty from inside. Is true we learning from own experience after my own traumatic experience in my cervical spine and Pilates bring me back and still healing and back to teach full time. Thanks and more thanks you have all my respect just one more things I love cats! Thanks for share kisses luz
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