Fundamental Overball Flow<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 1760

Fundamental Overball Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 1760

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Thanks, guys! :)
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Love it x
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Fantastic class
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Great instruction! Thanks Meredith!
Thank you, again and again....
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Thank you Meredith! This was such a great class, I feel wonderful and connected to my body again. Been having some troubles with arm/shoulder work lately, but this class really made it for me - just the gentle push on the ball was enough to connect with the arm - hello biceps and triceps :) Love your cues and the almost singing flow of the words. And thanks for inspiration and new ways to use the ball, will definitely use some of them in my classes.
Thank you for your sweet comments, Marie. I appreciate them perhaps more than you know.
Sabrina H
Hi, I loved This class. I just have a question. In the excercise lying on your side with your leg reaching back and your hand reaching up. Are you pressing on the ball?
Hi Sabrina,
Thanks for the photo! That helps so much.
Think more of an oppositional reach with gentle downward pressure instead of a push...but, yes, definitely applying weight.
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Hermosa clase!!!! Super creativa y organizada. Me encantó. Felicidades y muchas gracias ;)
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