Fundamental Overball Flow<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 1760

Fundamental Overball Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 1760

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Great class Meredith, thank you.
Creative class with great cueing as always:. Can I just check that prone work as illustrated with the ball is suitable for the older client, particularly with osteoporosis? Obviously any flexion not suitable but interested to know of people's experience/expertise with elder clients and prone work. Thanks.
Thank you Sarah Edwards at Positive Pilates Solihull!
It is hard for me to respond clearly to that question without having more information about the specifics of the person you are speaking about and the condition of their spine. I personally do a lot of seated extension work with my aging population. Sorry to not be more helpful.
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I loved the class a lot...Lots of work for shoulder blades that I always need to ...thank you Meredith Rogers
Thank YOU Cigdem!
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I've been taking your classes for years, Meredith. I love your teaching style and your spirit. Having completed this class this morning, I've now taken every mat class you have on this site. I hope you'll make more soon! Thank you, sincerely, for all of the wonderful pilates you've brought to my life.
Elizabeth L thank you so much.  This comment quite literally made my week.  I am so happy that you enjoy my classes.  They don't come as quickly as they used to as filming opportunities are limited but there will be more soon and most definitely one for Christmas!!
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After an 8-hour flight home yesterday, doing this class this morning was absolute perfection! I feel so much better - thank you!
Marissa I always appreciate your feedback so much.  Sorry it sometimes takes me a while to get to it.
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