Fundamental Overball Flow<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 1760

Fundamental Overball Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 1760

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A second new Meredith's class on PA in two days! It must be 'Meredith's season on PA' and I like it! It can be a whole year like that.. ;) Another great workout, more basic; but here and there I like to go through fundamentals again. I always (re)learn something new. Thanks, Meredith! :)
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Love Meredith! Glad to see more of your classes. Thanks...
Louise Renee S
Thank you, Meredith! I always appreciate a more deliberate pace with outstanding cueing. Your utilization of the squishy ball is well...
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Thankyou another great classof Fundamentals, with some tWISTS.
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Great workout !!!
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Wonderful! Thank you Meri! I have so many clients that will benefit doing prone extension work using the ball.
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A great class, love the prone work with the ball :)
Thanks so much everyone!! I love hearing from you.
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Thank you...I really loved this class, it was great. Also lots of wonderful new ideas to add in my classes. Very much appreciated.
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Beautiful class, thank you!
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