Students of Romana<br>Amy T., Brett H., Alycea U., Sean G., Rachel T., Kathryn R., MeJo W. & David F.<br>Discussion 1766

Students of Romana
Amy T., Brett H., Alycea U., Sean G., Rachel T., Kathryn R., MeJo W. & David F.
Discussion 1766

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Jennifer W
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Thank you Pilates Anytime and all who contributed to is heart warming film about Romana and her incredible legacy!
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Very special time, Drago's with Romana and Drago and Shari, I will always treasure these memories! Beautiful tribute!
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After watching this video, I have to ask the question: Which school of Pilates teaches the Pilates repertoire as it was intended to be?
Kimberly I think the founder of any school would say they are teaching the repertoire as it was intended to be. Romana preserved it as she was taught by Mr. Pilates (Romana's Pilates). The New York Pilates Studio is the same training that continues through the USPA. Power Pilates is also a derivative of Romana's original program. The Pilates Center of Boulder same... I can keep going. At some point it becomes a question of what the founder of any program adds of themselves to the training and how that suits you as a student.
Lee B
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thank you for the wonderful and exciting video. at some point David freeman mentions Romana's view of how many hours does a teacher need to teach in order to give the best to each client. I wonder what was her recommendation about that issue. it might sound weird to ask but i think it's really an important point.
It's a good question Lee. I'm not sure David reads the forums or uses his PA account, but maybe one of the other people in the video can help answer that question?
Hey Kristi, just wanted to ask why this film is listed as Brett Howard's. It seems misleading as there are so many others. Is it possible to have it show under each our names or just as Students of Romana instead? Loved it though. Thanks for everything you're doing
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Thank you PA and all the teachers interviewed. This is pure inspiration.
HI Amy, The reason it is listed as Brett Howard's video is because Brett was the curator of Romana's section in the Legacy Project for the first year and it was he who organized all the interviews (including yours and Rachel's) that made this video possible. We usually have an instructor associated with a video so it can be filtered that way too and while we can't add more than two names to any one video I do see your point. I will change the description to include all of your names and will see if I can find a way to have the video filtered by all the PA instructors in it. Thank you for bringing it to my attention! PS: I learned a lot from you in this! Thank you!
Thanks Kristi. I forgot about that. Lol. But thanks for considering having it show up under more names. I think that will give it more exposure.
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