Students of Romana<br>Amy T., Brett H., Alycea U., Sean G., Rachel T., Kathryn R., MeJo W. & David F.<br>Discussion 1766

Students of Romana
Amy T., Brett H., Alycea U., Sean G., Rachel T., Kathryn R., MeJo W. & David F.
Discussion 1766

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I agree Amy. At this point I know it is a programming issue, but the right questions are being asked. Thank you so much.
Hi Kristi,
I notice that you thank everyone you interviewed here except me. I'm sure it was just an over sight. Also when ever you would like I would be willing to add more to this to address some of the comments made by Amy and her sister that are factually incorrect as they can only speculate as to what was happening with Romana at this time and they were not there.
HI Sean, it is a terrible oversight. Please accept my apology. I will fix it now. Adding the names to the description happened only a few hours ago because I neglected to include anyone's name in the description at first. I'm glad to hear you've changed your mind about coming to Pilates Anytime.
Amy.. where is your shirt from in this video!? LOVE IT.
Every time I watch these documentaries I get so moved. I love teaching PIlates.
Hi Amanda.....this is an OmGirl brand t-shirt. It's incredibly comfortable! These videos are inspiring indeed, so important that we hear/see/feel/exchange the history and legacy of this Method that many of us hold so dear.
Hi Lee....Romana indicated that she thought that 5 lessons in a row should be the maximum and then a break would be necessary. She felt that an instructor (including herself) would not be able to maintain the energy required to transmit to the client beyond that. I have found that to be true. A break of 1-2 hours has worked for me.
Thank you David!
This was very fun to watch. I've showed it to my students after their sessions. They all know that they are caring on the tradition, as well as all of us, as teachers. This made them very grateful to have experienced Pilates and Romana via my sessions and love the stories. I was never sure why Romana and Sari left Sean, but he clarified it. Romana always said, "I'm doing all this now for my daughter and granddaughter."
I've missed her so much, but she is with me every day when I teach.
Love all around!
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Sean, I for one would love to hear more of what was going on. I overheard Romana talking to you one time about her granddaughter. She had the greatest respect for you as I could hear in her tone of conversation.
I know you did so much for them and I was there and appreciated what was offered to me. Again, I remember Howard Sichel offering something to Romana and he said the condition was that her daughter carry on the work. He had to walk away.
I think Sari has surprised everyone. She isn't Romana, but she is carrying the torch well. She was in Romana's shadow, as she should have been and now has blossomed. It makes me thankful that I didn't leave when everyone was disgruntled.
My two cents, for what it is worth.
Correction on the last comment of mine: It was that "she" not "he" said…
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