Cadillac Workout<br>Rachel Taylor Segel<br>Class 1782

Cadillac Workout
Rachel Taylor Segel
Class 1782

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this is more a tutorial, - a very good one!-, for beginning teachers to have a repertoire of sentences to make the spring-work understandable in its benefits. I find it very valuable, thank you Rachel!
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Thank you Rachel for a perfect Sunday lesson in springs! My body says ahhhh! I love teaching mat with springs. Really juices every muscle!
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Thank you Rachel for sharing your brilliance and passion and for so generously explaining Joe's extra muscles with such eloquence and elegance. You always make Pilates so exciting and I come away inspired.
Thank you back - both of you! i love using the springs to get even more out of the body in such a natural way. Peoples' faces light up when they can access something that has been so illusive. Our reward!!!
Thanks Angel! I totally agree about the "juicing"!
Hi Rachel, I´m Cris fernandes fro Brazil. I love pilates and I´m always studying online. Thank you Rachel for sharing this class.
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beautiful class very didactic
thank you for teaching
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Thank you Rachel!!! Great class. And like Patrick I come away inspired and excited!!
Pamela P
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Enjoyed it and I learned so much. That's the beauty of Pilates! I am not far from Boulder-- hope to meet you sometime soon!
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Thank you Rachel. Wonderful learning session to help enlighten and even confirm what i do with my clients and myself, however your explanations are of an even deeper, richer source than I have been able to articulate.....until now.
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