Squat Tutorial<br>Amy Taylor Alpers<br>Tutorial 1784

Squat Tutorial
Amy Taylor Alpers
Tutorial 1784

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What a cool tutorial! Of course I tried all with you and Kristi, and short spine and tree felt amazing, stomach massage from the edge of the carriage was more challenging, I had to drop a spring to get it. But my lordotic spine felt amazing in all of these, and that is definitely my trouble spot. Oh, LOVED the squat at the end ????Thank you both;))
Loved this Amy. My back and hips felt so good after this. I've been teaching my clients to squat to the floor. Every week they get better and better. It's awesome to see. Thanks for this great tutorial!!

Great tutorial. I really enjoyed this. It made me more aware of each movement and not just going through the motions. Thank you! Wonderful!
This is so revealing! I am almost 7 months post hip replacement
and this series put together this way is just what I need.
Of course that means to me it is perfect for any hip trying to "return to life"! Thank you for being the teacher and person you are!
Suk W
What a great way to look at these exercises in a different light! Definitely excited to try these exercises again :D
I really enjoyed seeing the continuity of the same shape in different exercises. It makes such sense when you show it to me. It might have taken me 12 more years to figure all this out!
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I agree with Barbara above regarding just a regular client. Perhaps they have a large belly in stomach massage or large chest/breasts which interferes with being able to breathe in short spine
Shelley M
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Amazing tutorial. I'm starting to sound repetative and boring to myself, Amy....
Shelley M
I have disc degeneration in L4 and L5. PIlates has helped me humongously with this, but this tutorial is kinda perfect. I never thought about the opening-ness of squatting, and how the exercises really really open the back when you do them in this way. Really awesome approach. You give such direction and purpose to each exercise.
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love seeing the connection and relationship of the exercises.. not just arbitrarily giving exercises but seeing their purpose.. thank you!
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