Squat Tutorial<br>Amy Taylor Alpers<br>Tutorial 1784

Squat Tutorial
Amy Taylor Alpers
Tutorial 1784

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I find very informative class for me .
I cannot stay with my Heel on the Floor when Im squatting down.
So I don't russian squat on the ref
Where I can do similar work ?
Love this Amy... I so agree!!!
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Wonderful learning session. It is so helpful to understand the origins if the exercises so they make sense to everyone. The "why" is incredibly important. Thank you so much, I keep learning what I don't know every time I watch your sessions and it fuels my need to know.
Louise Renee S
True learning is ongoing...thanks so much for sharing your knowledge! Best regards...
Wow Amy, thanks for all the illumination and then, at the end, all the inspiration and the reminder to go deeper, always deeper. I am supercharged!
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I am stuck in Kenya with young kids and no money to go abroad and train. Thank you so much for this.. it is sooooo helpful to me! I am digesting it all. Please give us more! Natasha
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Love love love this! The depth feels delicious on my back!
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Great tutorial! It's inspired my classes this week & informed how I'll teach hip flexion. More please! Also, it would be great to see regular clients in tutorials like these. Kirsti does everything perfectly. It would be helpful for me to see how common movement limitations and patterns change with this work.
Louise Renee S
Good point, Barbara.
Saleha S
Hi, thanks for the great tutorial!
I grew up squatting all the way down on flat heels while doing everyday tasks so it's quite refreshing to see a Pilates tutorial on it.
Loving this site :)
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