Active Hamstring Stretch<br>Amy Havens<br>Tutorial 1800

Active Hamstring Stretch
Amy Havens
Tutorial 1800

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Feel so great. Active stretch is very interesting to do before a pilates exercise as Scissors. Feel much more easier after this stretch.
Thank you Cherhine....yes, it's worth experimenting with in more occasions. :) Enjoy!
Just what I needed today!! Thank you Amy!
Thanks you Diana.....happy to hear this was helpful today!
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This was great! I do a lot of running and have often felt that my hamstrings are at odds with what I'm trying to do in pilates! Easiest scissors I've ever done! will be incorporating this into my pre-class stretches!
Hi Sinead, This is great feedback...thank you! Yes, the active stretch is really the way to glad you felt that positive response also. Easier to remain in neutral pelvis with this approach also thereby supporting proper ranger of motion in the hip joint which will assist your running tremendously.
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This is essentially isometric stretching? I like how it is integrated into scissor
Patty Hafen
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Thank you for a new way of thinking through stretching. I appreciate it!
Ann, this is more active than passive stretching. I was trying to active my hamstrings while stretching them rather than just holding the leg in one position. By pressing my leg into my hands I was actively using my hamstrings, but my resistance provided the....resistance. :)
Patricia....glad you enjoyed the option to look at this stretch sequence with a different perspective.
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As a male dancer i have very tight legs overall. I just tried this and it did wonders for me. Do you have any suggestions on ways to increase back mobility of the legs. for example for arabesques. also any suggestions on how to stretch for center splits?
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