Exploring the Hip Joint<br>Shelly Power<br>Tutorial 1801

Exploring the Hip Joint
Shelly Power
Tutorial 1801

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Very helpful. Many thanks
Great tutorial, Shelly!
Melissa C
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Great tutorial, very clear and useful info! Keep it coming!
That was very helpful, my hip is poping a little bit, I'll try your tips. Thank you
Thank you Shelly !
I had hip replacement 14 months ago(anterior approach). Very infomable tutorial! Thank you for sharing this info.
Fantastic! Great information Thank you Shelly!
really enjoyed Shelly's tutorial very clear concise and slow enough to absorb what she is saying.
Excellent more please:)
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Shelly, why are surgeons choosing the anterior hip replacement when hip extension is so important in maintaining normal gait patterns (which especially gets 'lost' in older adults)?
Thank you so much, I will take the advise onboard & have to admit that when I took the beginners class & stretched out more it didn't clunk as much. So having learnt that to change the tilt of the pelvis as well I'm hoping to illiminate the problem.
Pilatesanytime is proving to be a fabulous investment... Thank you again ??
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