Wunda Chair Trios
Carrie Macy Samper
Class 1820

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Hi Deborah, the springs depend on the brand of chair and/or strength of springs you are using. On a Gratz, Balanced Body, or Peak, it should be one heavy spring on the middle hook. If you have a chair that has light springs, you could use 2 on the bottom hook. You can make it heavier if you cannot lift the pedal - just be very careful because then the spring may have more control than you do. The push ups is one of the most advanced exercises in this workout!
Amazing workout! So challenging and well rounded!!
Awesome and challenging thank you. When Im doing side lying work on the chair or teaser with a twist I feel like Im fighting w//the footbar. So I just unload a spring. Any pointers?
Hi Denee, any exercise that your hands are on the pedal of the chair should generally be done on 1 middle spring. If you are fighting the pedal, 1) make sure you are trying to move it from your Powerhouse and not just your arm and/or 2) lighten the spring. Hope that helps!
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Totally amazing! I teach chair classes and I love how you created those little trio! Thank you for all the new ideas
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Nice combinations that had me sweating. Thank you!
Glad the class had you sweating, Maggie :) That's what I love about the chair!
Great Class! Not easy but it felt soooo good!
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Great class,my style,in love with the variations!!!
Glad you like the workout, Gregory!
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