Wunda Chair Trios
Carrie Macy Samper
Class 1820

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Fantastic class. Slightly beyond my skill level. I paused often and enjoyed trying the exercises. Great sequencing. Bravo to these two ladies! This class was not easy!
Wow, that was rough but good. Nice transitions and cueing!
Thank you, Mary and Holly, for trying the challenging chair workout! Keep working on it - you will get there :)
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I love your cueing, Carrie! Great class!
Thank you, Lauren!
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What can I say that I haven't already said!!! Carrie rocks!!!
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Great combinations of exercise groupings.
LOVE the trio's!!! Great class!
Thank you! Wonderful class and challenging without being crazy :)
Wow! Great class. One question: how many springs for the push-ups ? And if too light for me ok to make it heavier ? Thanks
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