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Thank you for the video! I have a page for my food website, however have been thinking about creating one for Pilates. I currently instruct at a few different studios.
Niedra Gabriel
I loved this tutorial. All these basics have answered a lot of very simple questions which were holding me back from being more active on face book. I now want to visit my page and get it active - thank you, very helpful.
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Loved it - thank you!
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Thank you for helping with this, I'm not techy and this info was easy enough even for me ??
A great reminder of how important social media is and gave me some new ideas on what to post on my page!
Marion G
Very helpful. Thank you!
Thanks Maria, This tutorial is great, very clear. I'm trying to add a video and it says it's too big and needs to be in different format can you advice on the best way to do this. Thanks..
Susan ~ I'm glad you enjoyed the tutorial. Facebook requires that videos be no longer than 45 minutes and a max of 1.75 GB. Here is more information about uploading videos to facebook. My suggestion would be to cut the video into two videos, and upload as part 1 and part 2. You can also lower the quality of the video to lessen the file size. Hope this helps!
Hi! This was great! My question is, if we have a Facebook fan page, Instagram, Twitter, community pages that we post in, etc., is there a formula for posting things in all of these different site or should we put the same post in all of them each time we post something? Thanks so much for this information!
Jennifer ~ I recommend experimenting with your pages to see what works best. Some people say that it is best to post different things on each platform, but others say it doesn't matter. It mostly depends on the content that your audience responds to. Once you figure out what kind of posts get the most engagement on each site, you will know if you can post the same thing on each or if it needs to be different. I hope this helps!
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