Lolita San Miguel<br>Lolita San Miguel<br>Documentary 1892

Lolita San Miguel
Lolita San Miguel
Documentary 1892

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Beautifully expressed.
Loved watching this
Very touching, beautiful to listen to, amazing photos, loved this documentary. Thank you!
Fantástica Lolita ;)
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Loved this documentary on Lolita, and thank you for sharing this on her 80th birthday!
That's just awesome, perfect timing, she announced that the documentary would be online, yesterday during her birthday, she was very thrilled about it!!! Thanks Kristi and all Pilates Anytime staff, you rock!!!!
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I watched this entire documentary from start to finish, it was very compelling, and beautifully shot as well, congratulations LSM, and thank you PA team!
Paola Maruca
Met and had the privilege of taking a workshop with Lolita San Miguel at Balanced Body Pilates on Tour in Washington DC in August 2013. She mad us sit on the floor around her and told us the amazing story of her life. We had goosebumps throughout. Then she led us through a REformer class and toward the end she showed us the most beautiful Cleopatra I have ever seen on the Reformer. What a grace, what a class....Happy Birthday wonderful Lolita
Ana C
Niurka C
Gracias Mamita por compartir tu Vida :))) estoy orgullosa de ser tu disculpa y contar con el legado que Joseph y tu han dado un incalculable valor para mi vida. Gracias
Te quiero ??
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