Hip Flexor Tutorial<br>Christi Idavoy<br>Tutorial 1909

Hip Flexor Tutorial
Christi Idavoy
Tutorial 1909

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Great reminders. Lovely demeanor and presentation.
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Christo: thanks for these little details and reminders to listen to the body and our feet. Like your straight forward easy approach.
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Christi this one and your reformer session are my life savers??
Jennifer S
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Wonderful Christi! So helpful!
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Thanks Christi!! I think we all need to slow down and listen to are body's!
Great tutorial, very helpful. I love the exercise when you circle your foot with your hand!
Thank you everyone! I am so glad you find it helpful. Would love to know what changes you might notice with these simple exercises... Thanks again for all the feedback!
Nicely played....in my weekly yoga session (vinyasa), we thread the fingers through the toes like you did...then we hold the ankle and shake the foot....love these tutorials, especially when they coincide with stuff in my life. Thankyou!
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Love the toes and the cue to roll the pelvis away from the thighs
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That was just wonderful and very interesting for the toes!
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