Hip Flexor Tutorial<br>Christi Idavoy<br>Tutorial 1909

Hip Flexor Tutorial
Christi Idavoy
Tutorial 1909

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The finger webbing foot circles does give an amazing circulatory feeling to what I like to call my hypertensive feet (high arches and inflexible toes). Thanks for the fantastic tip, it is going to become a regular!
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Christi your inner understanding of the body is AMAZING! Definitely going to give this a try!
This is great information to use in class as I have a few clients with hip issues.
Excellent information. Thank you.
Teresa soto
Perfect timing! So many of my class participants at the gym are quad dominant. People always ask about the clicking/popping noises they hear. This was a great tutorial, definitely a refresher for me!
excellent review and to really concentrate on moving those toes
Love the smooth femur glides in the beginning and your articulate comments throughout. Thank you!
Very helpful. Thank you.
Loved this! Just a quick one when my clients ask -- what is the relationship between mobilising the feet (this is brilliant by the way!) and helping us come out of our hip flexors? Thanks!
Thank you all! So happy to hear that this is useful and applicable in your classes and lives!
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