Reinvent your Spine<br>Ken Gilbert<br>Class 1926

Reinvent your Spine
Ken Gilbert
Class 1926

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loved this class with the this focus...thanks Ken....each time I do a class I learn something different. So appreciative of this resource and the fabulous instructors..
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This was phenomenal.
Christine and Judy . . . thank you for your comments!

I am pleased and excited to hear that the class supports your learning through Pilates. I love teaching this work.
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Ken...Thank you so much for a fun and unique class! So much knowledge, wisdom & skill~incredibly inspiring. It was an amazing experience to meet you, as well. Gratitude to Pilates Anytime as well for allowing us this wonderful opportunity. Thanks Amy! (and Kristi!) oxo!
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Ken, I am an experienced yoga teacher and the work I am learning in pilates is just wonderful. More classes please.
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Thank you for the "clavicular leveling". Mid class, my thoacic spine found a much more comfortable vertebral spacing. PA, the variety of teaching styles is appreciated. We learn something from everyone.
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So much information. Thoroughly enjoyable class. Love your verbal explanations. Looking forward to your other classes, but I think I'll have to repeat this one several times to take in all the valuable information you've included. Many thanks.

Fab Fab Fab
Thank You ~ my shoulders feel wonderful (and tired lol)
Thank you for your comments. I love feeling validated in the teaching (more than instruction) of the material. Not only a movement modality, Pilates is deeply healing for any imbalance or compensation that create in the body. Great to hear from each of you!
I love this class Ken! I am so glad you are on Pilates Anytime. Thank you.
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