Reinvent your Spine<br>Ken Gilbert<br>Class 1926

Reinvent your Spine
Ken Gilbert
Class 1926

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And, thank you, Kristi. I do love teaching at Pilates Anytime. The classes and the tutorial look great.
Hannah W
Loved this class! Thank you Ken. Your cues and anatomical explanations are wonderful!
Hannah . . . thank you taking class!
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learning learning it! Thank you Mr. Gilbert & PA!
as a fletcherPilates teacher ,I like this class :)
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Corinne . . . I studied with Ron from 1996 - 2007; a precious and intimate mentorship. Thank you for liking this . . . once inspired by Fletcher, the Pilates work is extraordinary and personal in every breath.
I love your classe! Besides my scoliosis that really needs this type of movement to balance my thoracic spine. I am on rest for week, with a bad sprain on my foot. I did everything, but with few changes since I can not stand. I love the dance elements, the circular motion, it complements the work.
Flavia . . . good to hear how you can modify the class to suit you. Also, another class is coming that is on stools where we work seated (this is recently evolved in 2016). I look forward to other comments . . . thank YOU!
Anna M
Very useful class, and most importantly for people at any level
Anna . . . thank you for your comment; much appreciated!
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