BASI Reformer Flow<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 195

BASI Reformer Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 195

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wonderful flow and clear instruction. Love the warm up on the box!
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great class meredith :) loved the abdominal section!
Wow! lots of fun. Lots of creativity and best of all, not excruciatingly slow or overly technical even if the class says "deliberate pace". There was still some flow and rhythm that was enjoyable.
Wonderful class. The ab work in the warmup on the long box is superb and hard! Especially loved seeing the seagull flying by... so peaceful. :)
Still LOVE this class and Meredith's teaching! Since we are all playing this on our computer or other device, it's hard to look at the screen for placement cues. It would be helpful if when we have "heels on bar" during the workout, we were verbally cued for abduction or adduction. I try not to look at the screen to keep my neck in line with my spine. :)
Thanks for the suggestion Kelbel. I will try to keep that in mind next time. Also thanks for the kind words!
Great class-love your teaching style-great cues!
Thank you Jill.
This was a great class! Loved the cueing.
Wonderful class Meredith, thank you. I absolutely loved the breast stroke prep without springs.
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