Feet and Footwork Tutorial<br>Troy McCarty<br>Tutorial 1954

Feet and Footwork Tutorial
Troy McCarty
Tutorial 1954

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Wonderful tutorial! The footwork has always been one of my favorite pieces and has made a huge difference in my foot/ankle/leg alignment.
Hi Jessica:
Thank you for your lovely comment. Im so glad this tutorial has helped you. Thanks again for watching!

Great tutorial. Thanks for your great attention to detail and explanation!
Very good - I love your style, approach as well as the detail you bring. Thank you very much. Who did you train with again?
Hi Diane:
My early training was from Bruce King and Romanna. Later training was Julian Littleford. Thanks for watching my class. So happy you like it!
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Troy does have a very detailed eye! I knew he was noticing every little thing I was doing and slight adjustment I was making right there and it mattered! The 'squeezing the bar' or 'shortening the bar' suggestion he had me do felt really nice and I would encourage others to give this a try. Thank you Troy for a wonderful tutorial!
Thanks Amy- Getting to work with you is always a wonderful experience. Let do it again soon!
Just wonderful. So attentive, precise and kind:)
Would love to know more about Bruce King--
The only thing I know from hearsay is how much he loved the work...
Hi Mindi:
Thanks for watching. Bruce was an excellent teacher. He really cared about the work and that you completely understand it.
Thanks again for watching..
Great information Troy! I am going to put it to use for my skaters, so good for them after having their feet in boots so much.Also great to help with balance for all populations. Thank you for sharing??
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