Feet and Footwork Tutorial<br>Troy McCarty<br>Tutorial 1954

Feet and Footwork Tutorial
Troy McCarty
Tutorial 1954

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Hi Daria:
Your so right. Anytime we can get our athletes, dancers, skaters and general population feet out the shoes and onto the foot bar its going to be so beneficial. Thanks for watching Daria!
Christina J
Hi Troy, I think footwork may sometimes be rushed through as simply a warm up exercise, so this is a great reminder of teaching the importance of the exercise and proper muscle recruitment. As always, I love your style of teaching... your cues, your voice and your passion ... it keeps people focused and really engaged. Love the last stretch too and will add it in to my own teaching. Thank you!
Hi Christina:
Thank you for watching. I have always been an advocate for footwork. No matter what population of client your working with footwork is such an essential tool.
Wonderful detailed tutorial. I love the 60/ 40 emphasis on where to place the effort, the single leg variations and "hugging/ shortening the footbar" is such a great cue. Many thanks!
P.S. I thought Troy was squatting at first because you can't see what he's sitting on and was thinking how strong and amazing he must be to hold that deep plie position. LOL
Hi Gia:
Thanks for watching my class. I use that hugging and shortening with my hands on the bar also. So glad you like it. Thanks again for watching.
I learned a lot! thanks!!
Love this! Thank you.
I loved this footwork video! The nuances of foot placement, Stretches with single leg footwork, cues to shorten the foot bar and lifting the thighs/lifting the naval are all awesome cueing! I enjoyed your instruction:) Thanks Troy!
I AGREE!! Thank you
This is excellent! I have a client who is new to Pilates and she loved doing the footwork last session. She has plantar fasciitis and I had her do pre-hensile a few times, followed by heels under the bar in parallel. There's some moves here you demonstrated that I can't wait to teach her through today. Thank you so much for this lovely tutorial! Excellent cuing and descriptions.
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