Accessing the Gluteals <br>Ed Botha<br>Tutorial 1993

Accessing the Gluteals
Ed Botha
Tutorial 1993

Watch this Tutorial
quite informative - thanks !
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I really like this. Explanations are clear, detailed and spot on !
Very functional ! Thank you.
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Great way to discover how you may be compensating "cheating" without even knowing it. This is very effective add-on to any other PA class!
Sure wish I'd done these in my 30s..
Thanks Ed. I felt a profound activation of deep pelvic muscles, a rebalancing of my hips & consequently a nice release in my lower back.
Taghrid K
Thanks Ed, great detailed explanations, very functional and I loved the deep stretches which gave a great release to the back and hamstrings. I will definitely share with clients as I definitely see a lot of the compensating patterns you talked about.
A absolute pleasure . It really helped with my personal practice.
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A very informative video. I think we are not enough aware about the role of our gluteal muscles in our posture as well as in the functioning of our whole body. The tutorial reminded me of one of the Pilates instructors who once said that in order to get rid of the 'flat butt' we should first check if we actually use our gluteal muscles when we think we are using them; or do we actually exclude them from action. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Ed!
Really great, thank you. Carefully explained and qued.
This is great thank you really informative and clear instructions :)
Great valuable information thank you
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