Accessing the Gluteals <br>Ed Botha<br>Tutorial 1993

Accessing the Gluteals
Ed Botha
Tutorial 1993

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Thanks from my clients. And of course from me.
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I am 51 and had a total hip replacement 3 years ago. This tutorial was so good that I watched and listened for a second time. Would love to see more of these. I am more of a yoga person, but I did therapeutic pilates before my surgery and people couldn't believe how quickly I recovered. I always encourage THR people to do pilates before going under the knife. Thank you.
Gosha McClung
It is so nice to see man doing and teaching Pilates. Thank you very informative!
I've had some lower back pain on my left side(after an ankle injury) for some time now...a massage therapist told me my glutes were not working enough..this was perfect..and It is much more difficult on the side with pain but feels amazing afterwards. Thanks so much for your insight and great class
great thanks Ed - very useful - thank you
Wonderful instruction. Compensations show up easily and give the brain time to connect and "get it." Thank you!
i loved this; so helpful. Thank you, Ed!
Great Tutorial, clear and simple explanation and great cuing. I love it. Perfect for my clients. Thanks
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Excellent . Question Ed. How do we release naturally occurring tight hamstrings? I have been informed that some people naturally have tight hamstrings??? Is that correct and how can we help the client if this is the case?
Thank you .
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Hi Angela,
Some people do have naturally tight hamstrings. Usually it is mechanical. In other words the way the femur fits into the pelvis. The body could also be protecting the spine from an underlying injury.
Very common are weak gluteals. The hamstrings do double their job and are therefore always stiff.
Does that make sense?
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