Accessing the Gluteals <br>Ed Botha<br>Tutorial 1993

Accessing the Gluteals
Ed Botha
Tutorial 1993

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Great detail and functionality. Very much appreciated. Thank you.
Hey Ed Botha! This a great, short class to refer to!
nice, I do these movements now with my guys, got men's Pilates every Monday, rgds fr Kotka,
The unilateral bridge with one knee pulled into the chest bothers my lower back. I think my lower back hates flexion which is a bit of a problem for me in Pilates!
Very clear on how activate the gluteus without cheating, still looking for a way to activate the upper gluteus, which is smaller and quite difficult to activate....🙏
Thanks Ed,  very informative and useful.
Great video, Ed!  Clear and concise instruction.  I felt taller  and lifted thru my spine after doing these exercises.
This is excellent clear and awesome definitely what most people need including teachers!!! 
Tash Barnard
Gosh Ed, I watched this 5 years ago and remembered it tonight when I needed to prep for a new client I've seen once and am teaching again tomorrow.  It's brilliant. Thank you! Love Lorraine
Amazing info I´ll incorporate to my practice Thanks
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