Starting a Pilates Business<br>Cara R. & John M.<br>Discussion 2071

Starting a Pilates Business
Cara R. & John M.
Discussion 2071

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What a gift it is to hear this conversation. I hope anyone thinking to start a Pilates business finds their way to it first. Thank you Cara. Thank you John!
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thank you extremely interesting. A couple of questions if you don't mind answering: what happens if clients "follow" you rather than you "take them" from your current studio to your start up? is this ethical in yr mind and are they different? Secondly, what do you think about student teachers (ie not yet certified) teaching in yr studio? if you have them teaching would you pay them differently? finally how do you think it is fair to pay your staff - % of fee or per session - what works best for both parties? I hope you are able to find time to answer these questions. Thank you both again.
You are one smart cookie!
I've had a home based business since 1997
and recently moved to Redondo Beach.
Building up a new. So thanks for re-enforcing what I know to be true!
Thankyou so much for this. I am about to start a studio in my community, which I've returned to after 20 years. Lots of unknowns….but some great insights gleaned here. Thankyou for this wonderful advice.
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Thank you Cara and Jon! I love your take on things and it was very thought provoking and inspiring. Hopefully Pilates Anytime will host more "business talks" in the future!
thank you Cara. Very useful information that helps set realistic expectations about owning a studio.
Thank you Cara and Jon! This conversation was so very helpful as I am starting my own home studio. It has given me a lot of encouragement to be true to my dream.
Great Questions Diane...
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Hello Diane, To answer your questions:
1. Clients will go, and that is okay. I think unethical is soliciting them. I think the best thing is for the studio owner to make the announcement that the staff member is moving on. Not to have the teacher tell their clients before they tell the owner. Then the client does what he or she chooses.

2.I think apprentice teachers can be a great assets. Yes, I pay them less. And I tell the client that they are apprentices. I also try to be sure they are somewhat overseen. And they need to have liability insurance in place.

3. I think paying a percentage is a great model. Once the owner understands their overhead then they can figure how to make the percentage cut. It is smart to make room for pay increases as time goes on. Cost of living increase has to be met for the staff overtime.

I hope this helps. Best, Cara
Thank you so much Cara and John (John are you Australian??)
Such an informative, insightful and helpful discussion.
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