Starting a Pilates Business<br>Cara R. & John M.<br>Discussion 2071

Starting a Pilates Business
Cara R. & John M.
Discussion 2071

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thank you Cara! great info!
Excellent session, questions, and advice. Thank you, Cara and John!
Glad you both liked it! Always a pleasure to talk with John :)
Very good discussion and great advice, thank you Cara and John!!!
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Thank you so very mich for this straightforward discussion and wise advice. I am seeking to become a Pilates instructor and this was encouraging and helpful!
Thanks for the advice Cara. I co-own a small studio that has been in business for 14 years. We have again out grown our space, which is delightful! The burning question in my mind has been what is profitable and still maintains the integrity of the work.
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Thank you Cara and John. It is very helpfull for me as I have opened my own studio in September last year. It is great to hear that I have made right decisions so far and will definitely follow your advise.
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The voice of experience and wisdom. Thank you.
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Thank you Cara and John. Cara, I have learned so much about movement from you and this was just as valuable. I have a home studio and have found Facebook groups to be helpful for peer support as well as marketing to your client base. There is even one for home studio owners. Great to bounce ideas off other folks and find out what worked for them. Discussions like this should be part of the teacher training programmes. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience.
Thank you Jon and the rest. I am so glad this is helping. John had this idea and I always trust his good mind and sense of what is needed out there. Hugs from Zurich Jon you are missed!
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