Reset your Shoulder Girdle<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 2077

Reset your Shoulder Girdle
Niedra Gabriel
Class 2077

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Thank you Niedra for this very helpful class. I love your attention to detail, your passion & fabulous technique. I am always excited to see a new class with your name on it. :)
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Yos - You were a CIRCUS perfumer? How fabulous. Ido trapeze work as well, but am an amateur and admire the incredible art and talent of perfumers like you were. I am totally behind you in offering training to circus athletes - what a needed support to the art form. If there was anyway I can support you in your vision - I would be excited to. I am a BIG FAN
Adding to my regular rotation to counteract computer work and mobile device use. Thank you so much for the precise verbal cues and constant challenge.
Niedra Gabriel
Debra, I know what you mean about computer work and mobile devices - the plague of our current civilization, we need to constantly balance out the immobility. Glad you found this useful.
Niedra, I have always admired your impeccable posture. Your routine, presented today, especially helped ease my thoracic and shoulder tension from moving springs and cueing clients on the equipment. Thank you.
Niedra Gabriel
Thanky ou Kathleen for sharing. I am so happy this work helped you - yes we all build up tension in the shoulders and I now believe it is part of our modern world ( computers and driving take over our shape). I also see you coach ice skating - how fabulous! You must be amazing.
Hi Niedra

Your intro to this class is superb. At the moment I do not have yoga blocks. I tried to improvise last night but then gave up, what can you recommend that is around the house...books, tupperware bowls?? thank you, Judy
Niedra Gabriel
Good question Judy - you could try books, or rolled up towels ( not great though, too soft, or if you are really lost, you can do this with your arms out on the floor, not so good but better than nothing. hard pillows? anything that can elevate the arms at the shoulder level.
Aaaah, the art of creativity!
I loved the introduction to the class. Shoulders felt so open and relaxed post class. Cueing and instruction wonderful. Thankyou
Niedra Gabriel
You ae very welcome Niamh.
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