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Madeline Black
Workshop 2088

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Hello Madelaine! I just bought your book "Centered" and I love it. This workshop is such fantastic addition to it, you are very clear with your cuing and explanations, it's a pleasure to study with you. Thank you SO much! :)
Madelaine I am reviewing Centered again and I noticed this time through what looks like a velcro type of cover over the handle of the push through bar. may I ask where one could find this product? Thanks
Madeline Black
hi Barb If you seeing a cover on the push through bar in the photos of the book, it is a tape used to wrap horses' legs. I beleive it is a 3M product. Hope this helps.
Jeeyeon C
Loading is so slow..
Hi Jeeyeon, I'm sorry the video is loading so slowly. Please check out our video-troubleshooter. If you continue to have issues please contact us at 
Dear Madeline. CENTERED is my Pilates Bible. Can you please assist me with a gait issue? When I walk I “throw” my R leg forward, as if I’m going to kick a ball. My GMax and plantar flexors do not function during the push off phase. My pelvis rotates counter clockwise and I have permanent R para-spinal, peroneal and medial arch issues. How can I address this imbalance?  Much appreciated. Janse

Madeline Black
Hi Jans, As I read your description I have an imaginary view of you gait BUT it may not be reality. It is always difficult to advise via writing and not seeing and talking. Pelvis motion is 3D so to say counterclockwise is one of these dimensions. Your imbalance can be addressed many ways. Three suggestions, take the gait class on PA see if that changes what you are feeling. Check out my series 1 online because we address these motions or have a private consultation with a knowledgeable person. I am writing the 2e of Centered so I am not seeing people until my manuscript is complete. I can recommend one of my TA's who will be very helpful. After doing the gait movement class on PA, let me know how it helped. 
Dear Madeline. Thank you for your promp response. I’m from South Africa so one of your TA’s won’t be an option. Looking forward to 2E. 
Kelly S
Thank you!  When you are doing the soleus stretch on Wunda chair, Lower leg press, what is the spring tension?
Madeline Black
Hi Kelly! Lighter is better to articulate the foot and activate the soleus. Most likely it was one black spring. Move slow too!
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