Explore Myofascial Structure<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 2098

Explore Myofascial Structure
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 2098

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Silke, your comment arrived as I was writing a response to Maria. Impeccable timing! I love connecting Napoli, Germany and north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Many thanks to you for appreciating all aspects of this sequence.
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Elizabeth you always put Pilates on level that is scientific yet understandable. We all appreciate your innovative approach and needless to say the results magnificent. Most importantly,I find your sense of humor hilarious!!! Can't wait for more from you!
Thank you for this wonderful class. I just watched Robert Schleip's workshop on Fascia and this was such a great addition to working in the way that he was teaching about. It's so liberating to realize there are many more different directions of movement to use in our box of directional movements. P.S. I love your sense of humor!
Victoria and Stephanie, Laughing makes learning so much easier. Plus it's good for our health. Thank you both for appreciating the humor. I'm so glad that this class complements the Robert Schleip workshop. Look for another workshop in which Tom Myers and I collaborate. Many thanks to you both for supporting Pilates Anytime.
I'm a huge fan of Elizabeth. We are so lucky to have her knowledge and dedication in the Pilates community. As always, her voice cues along with her extensive understanding how the body moves is unparalleled. This is not a video for people that are just starting out or people that want a fast pace go-go routine. You have to have prior Pilates experience plus be familiar with anatomy terminology. I must admit towards the 10 minutes of spinal twisting, I went to la-la land but, i was able to come back during the Pulsar bridging series.
I wish the video camera would be in sync with her cues. For example, when Elizabeth is talking about the feet, the camera would cue the feet etc.
I really enjoyed the jumping series at the end and again, wished the camera zoomed in the important points.
Although I finished the routine, it's very long. One needs to have the mental stamina to be satisfied with the lack of video cues.
Thank you very much Sara for your constructive comments. As a ballet dancer and teacher you are well prepared with the technical background, stamina and patience to follow this class. At the moment I am preparing for a Pilates Anytime workshop collaboration with Tom Myers that will film March 16. Sections of this reformer class (including jumping) will be discussed in detail along with sequences from the related Chair, Trapeze Table and Mat classes.We will certainly follow your suggestions about camera angles. Thanks so much for your support of Pilates Anytime. All the very best to you!
Thank you Elizabeth you always bring so much depth and humour to all your classes ..When are you coming to Australia
We're not sure when Elizabeth is heading to Australia, but thrilled to say she is coming back to PA tomorrow and she's bringing Tom Myers of Anatomy Trains fame with her! Together, they will teach a workshop on Fascia and Pilates movement! Life is good!
Many thanks Linda. In answer to your question...as soon as I am invited!
Roberto Cerini
As usual, an intriguing and fresh sequence from our precious Elizabeth. Thank you for sharing and inspiring us. I'm looking forward to watching the Larkam-Myers collaboration! I hope to see you soon around the world
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