Explore Myofascial Structure<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 2098

Explore Myofascial Structure
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 2098

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This was so well worth watching. Now I have to do it. Thanks for always being so unique. I'm loving your stretchy body suit. Do I dare ask where you purchased it? You really look comfortable. Thanks again!
Thank you Denee for starting up the comments. I understand that 85 minutes is quite a chunk of time to devote to one class. Thank you also for your fashion sense Zoya, a designer/seamstress from Odessa, Russia Ballet/Opera now in San Francisco, created 4 new unitards for me. Look for them in my upcoming classes on the Chair, Trapeze Table and Mat. I love all aspects of Pilates including comfortable, colorful, sensual clothes.
Wonderful, as always! Thank you for such fun, new ideas.
Hi Elizabeth, do you know of any on-line resources for modifications for an above-knee amputee? Thanks!
Yes, Susan, I have some suggestions as this has been a strong interest of mine for nearly 10 years. 1. The Heroes in Motion section of the Pilates Method Alliance website, www.pilatesmethodalliance.org. View the 9-minute video of 5 client programs loaded with practical inspiration. 2. My Reformer Class #1016 starts with lateral translation, the perfect way to align your thoracolumbar with your sacrum for a more balanced gait. All the very best to you. Stay in touch!
Intriguiging and innovative class! Looking forward to your workshop in London at Pilates on Tour!
Your workouts are always wonderful. i did this workout minus the circle parts. Hoping my circle from BB will arrive soon. After doing this workout seems like something loosened up and my lung capacity is better than it has been in years. Really strange or a coinkydink. Love the leotards also. Had a pink and gray one back in the 80's and could never find one since. Wish I'd held onto it for inspiration. Love your workouts and soothing voice. Great video.
So grateful to you Liz for taking time to comment. I am delighted to hear that you felt better lung capacity after this workout. It certainly is my intention in this movement sequence to improve thoracic mobility in all planes and to facilitate organ movement (among many other objectives!) However, no research has been conducted on these moves so I cannot make make any claims. Perhaps with your background as an oncology RN you can bring your understanding of lung physiology to all the different vectors explored in this class. Keep moving
absolutely awesome, Elizabeth! You are so creative with the pilates equipment and that is inspiring to simply look for whatever we are aiming at! I feel drenched like a rope, - lengthened and bouncy! Thank you for developing this workout with the fascial trains in mind! With the eye and tongue movement you also integrate the knowledge we have from Feldenkrais und Hanna Somatices. Wonderful!
Maria, thank you for your curiosity. My Feldenkrais practitioner training introduced me to the power of the tongue to shape movement. After that somatic experience I searched for explanations. The Reference List for this class includes books that speak to this phenomena. Philip Beach (p 88,89) explains the embryological development of the tongue, placing it in his Dorso/Ventro Contractile Field. Tom Myers (Anatomy Trains p 205) connects the Deep Front Line pelvic floor with the floor of the mouth under the tongue. You might consider the connection between the tongue and trunk control to be facilitated by the 'neuro-myo-fascial web' (Schleip). Fascia, the Organ of Communication has been called 'the branch office of the brain' (Still 1902) on p 31 of Fascia in Movement and Sport./ Stay tuned for 3 more classes in my series on Chair, Trapeze Table and Mat. Plus, a Myers/Larkam collaboration on Pilates Anytime!
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