Balance & Control Challenge<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 2101

Balance & Control Challenge
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 2101

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Elizabeth: a wonderful rich and complete use of the chair. So many options and levels to work towards. I appreciate your sense of humour. I think all pilates teachers are bad counters and that ocean air would have had me distracted.
She is an inspiration!! So classy and beautiful! Such an amazing mover!
What a great workout. The explanations are so in-depth and terrific. Elizabeth is truly a master and it is a privilege to be able to watch her and learn from her. Thank you Elizabeth and Pilates Anytime!
I love your inventiveness, humour and intelligence. It feels amazing to do. I particularly like the rotation and extension lying on the chair with feet against the wall and that last exercise was a killer!
Thank you Pilates Tree for appreciating this Chair class. I'm so looking forward to being in your city in late September. After the Body Control conference I'll teach at Tranquility studio. Please come by!
This was just amazing! Really! I feel longer, I literally feel the space inbetween the vertebra of my spine. WOW! Thank you for this incredible program!
Really amazing as allways. Thank you verymuch.
Always challenging, always innovative
Wow! I've discovered new parts of my abdominals. Fantastic variations and arguably, more importantly, really clear and helpful cueing. Thank you Elizabeth Larkam
thank you Elizabeth Larkam for such a creative class! I love your calm cueing in addition to your sense of humor. And I learned a lot!
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