Sequencing for Success<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 2102

Sequencing for Success
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 2102

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Elizabeth I see how there are some variations that have crossed over form each piece of equipment. Would you do all the exercises for each piece in a particular order, or use each piece and it's workout depending on the needs of the client?
Love these workouts and the detailed explanations. My fascia feels so much better.
Many thanks Lynn for appreciating these classes. When planning sequences for clients and for myself I prefer to use everything in the Studio, choosing among the Reformer, Chair, Trapeze Table, Ladder Barrel, Pilates Arc, Core Align, Orbit and Bodhi. Each apparatus environment supports different vectors and movement qualities, enabling me to customize programs for motor learning and fascia training.
Thankyou Elizabeth, I got so much out of this class. Awareness of differences in sling support between right and left sides in my body, new ways to use springs to improve rotational movements and I finally managed to do a perfect parakeet thanks to your excellent cueing. Great class!
Congratulations on your perfect parakeet Vicky! I'm so happy this class worked well for you and that you found it valuable.
I am thrilled by your style of teaching. I will bring these exercises with my clients. Amazing!!!
Welcome to Pilates Anytime Marcos! I am delighted that this class worked well for you. All my best to you and your clients.
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She is so inspiring to me!
Love your creative and inspiring work, this work makes such a difference in my fibromyalgia clients. Thank you Elizabeth!
Fantastic... .... i love their classes .... 45 minutes learn more than doing months of classes with other teachers...greetings
Dianne, so glad to hear that these sequences are beneficial for your fibromyalgia clients. The Pilates environment supports a huge variety of precise movements practiced at a delierate pace with light-to-moderate resistance. This is ideal for people with fibromyalgia.
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