Sequencing for Success<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 2102

Sequencing for Success
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 2102

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Thank you Claudia for appreciating this class. You are so fortunate to be in Brazil where the entire country is passionate about movement practices. I had a wonderful time in Brasilia last year teaching at the South American Pilates Conference.
Thank you Elizabeth , I had the opportunity to be in their classes in Buenos Aires in 2013 and know of your success in the conference in Brasilia, where I have been too. I'm glad you have enjoyed my country.
Thank you, Elizabeth! I have a client now with severe fibromyalgia and coincidentally I have a different autoimmune disease whose symptoms include the type of muscle pain common to fibro. This will be very helpful. Always LOVE your cuing BTW.
Thank you Shari for adding your comment. The Trapeze Table/Cadillac supports many vectors from a variety of different angles, making it possible to customize the exact arrangement of assistance and resistance. This precise stimulation to the neuro-myo-fascial-web benefits circulation and proprioception. All the best to you and your client!
Bollywood Debut! love your cues!
Yippee, I finally found it! I've been roaming your podcasts to no avail, and it was here all along! I attending your session at POT in London and saw some of these exercises. The notes just don't bring back the session like this does so I'm so glad I can finally try these moves pseudo-live. I will never forget how your assistant for the cervical series raved about how good she felt after...and now after 9 months with the sling I bought after your session, I finally got to use it with confidence and wow, how wonderful it is! Thank you for sharing!
Hanna L
Incredibly fantastic ! I love it ! Thank You
Thank you Hanna I love teaching in Germany and hope to return soon.
i cant see the video!!! only sound
Osnat, I’m sure the Pilates Anytime magicians will help you soon
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