Balance Facts
Kevin Bowen
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Interesting statistics. Thanks for sharing your own personal discovery.. Will you be doing some tutorials or classes on basic balance exercises? I think Amy did some balance work with a moon box within a ladder barrel class.
Hello Hydie - I won't be filming any new classes for awhile...sorry.
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Well done Kevin. This is an issue that needs to have more focus. Thank you too for noting now pilates helps us to keep balanced in many ways. And pilates can be done standing, which will really challenge your balance.
I teach a Sr. class and this is great stuff! Enjoyed it!
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Thanks for this, Kevin. I work balance with my clients often --due to a host of reasons. The stats and the way you framed the conversation offer me further talking points - that I will of course attribute to you!
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Great information, thank you for reminding us all that we need balance in all aspects of living!

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Thank you Kevin. I enjoy your style of teaching and sharing of information. Please keep up the good work! Thanks!
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Thank you!!! Obrigada!!! You are awesome and you look great!! Love your classes!!
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Great teaser to your next one, right? The one that focuses on the balance pieces in a typical mat session? Oh it's gonna be a good sequels! Thankyou
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Kevin, Thank you for highlighting this very important topic. If anyone reading this is looking for ways to include balance training, try some of the standing leg work in class #1481 by Sheri Betz. It's great stuff. I include these with my mat class students every week and they have improved by leaps and bounds. They were slow to convince in the beginning - they wanted to go back to lying on the mat. I gave them some stats, similar to Kevins, and convinced them to stick with it for a while. They used to hate it, now they love it and many of them no longer use the poles to assist.
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