Advanced Screening Skills<br>Brent Anderson<br>Workshop 2118

Advanced Screening Skills
Brent Anderson
Workshop 2118

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Hi PA, I'm having trouble loading the first two chapters (so far), chapter 1 is pausing, and chapter 2 there is no sound. Chapter 3 seems to be ok so far....... hope you can fix it ASAP.
Nope...... chapter 3 seems to be also pausing the video while the audio continues. Have already tried reducing the video quality and restarting a number of times.
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(Edited by Moderator - Alex Parsons on April 1, 2022)
Anne ~ Thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry you had trouble with this video. We are trying a new video player in the hopes that it will work better than our previous one. I recommend going to the Video Player Option and choosing "Automatically determine best video quality for this device when possible." It should fix the problem with streaming. If you continue to have issues, please email us at
Thanks Gia, the video works ok when I use the iPad app - haven't tried the PC again.
Hi,Ive watched all the videos but I cant access the quiz.
Fantastic workshop.
Susan ~ Thank you for your forum post. We are happy to hear that you enjoyed this workshop! I have given you access to the quiz so you should be able to take it without any problems.
Eva T
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Hi Brent. You mentioned that hip replacement is just that, replacement, so it doesn't solve any issues that led to the wear and tear in the first place. This made me wonder: I have an older lady in my class who had hip replacement over 10 years ago. She can't sit in Z-pos. Does the 'avoid internal rotation' still stand, after so many years or this was only meant as a precaution while hip is healing? Is this a can't or won't issue (fear, disfunction )? I wouldn't push her, but would like to know your opinion. Thanks, Eva
Eva T
Eva again, forgot to say, great workshop as usual, thank you very much!
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Hi Brent,

Thanks for this great screening technique for pilates. I am wondering more about the FMOM and when it will be available to learn. It sounds similar to the FMS screening for resistance training? ... Anywho, I am wondering if there is a resource out there that has contraindications for certain pilates moves and alternatives . For example osteoporosis, knee and hip replacements, CVD etc.... thanks and have a lovely day.
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