Advanced Screening Skills<br>Brent Anderson<br>Workshop 2118

Advanced Screening Skills
Brent Anderson
Workshop 2118

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Great workshop! I just had my hip replaced and the workshop was exactly what I needed for myself as well as for my clients.  Unfortunately I was unable to access the quiz, it says I need to watch the rest on the workshop? I did try relogging into my account but still nothing. Any other way to access the quiz?
Hi April, I believe we spoke on the phone this morning. If you are still having issues please email us at
Noelle thanks! I was able to access the quiz no problem after we spoke. 
Hi I need some help getting access to the quiz. I watched some through website and some through your app so is says I’ve only watched 60%.
Cheryl S
After completion of workshop, if I am comfortable doing so, am I permitted to utilize the Polestar Fitness Screening with clients if not Polestar certified? Just making sure I do not infringe on copyright. 
Cheryl S ~ Yes, you can use the skills you learn in this workshop when you're teaching! I hope you enjoyed it!
Despite purchasing the workshop, I am unable to download the screening PDF. I'm getting a message that indicates that I do not have the credentials to access this information. Please let me know how this can be rectified. 
Marchel A
Thomas L, thanks for giving us the opportunity to correct the issue. 
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