Get in your Body and Move<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2123

Get in your Body and Move
Amy Havens
Class 2123

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Love it!
Thank you Amy. Any chance of a class with spine corrector and caddy similar to your tower class? It was a blast;)
Love it. Was a wonderful way to start my day after an exhausting weekend at work. Hope to see more ladder barrel also. Thanks.
Nice class
Ahhhhh you've gotta love Eve's Lunge! Love so many things about this class Amy! The upper back work... especially that hitchhiker move! How creative! And normally, I don't like climb a tree but for some reason today it felt really good! must've been what I needed.. Plus, I've really been working on extension so maybe it's just that I'm getting more movement in the thoracic. Thank you for another great one! This went so fast.
Great footwork sequence. A wonderful class I could be happy doing every day!
Yahoo!!! Ready to go to work!!
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Great class, Amy. I appreciate the angle that the video was shot. Could see movements from various sides and that is very helpful to doing the workouts at home.
That was a fantastic class, Amy. I'm a little bit worried that my inner thighs are going to hurt tomorrow, but I will survive.
Super !!! Thanks!
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