Magic Circle Connections<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 2129

Magic Circle Connections
Monica Wilson
Class 2129

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Me encantó!!!! Felicidades
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Great class!!!!
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Really loved it! Great ideas!!
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Really loved all the great exercises with the magic circle - thanks so much!
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Inspirational class - they move beautifully!
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this is a challenging workout! I have some core to strengthening ahead of me to do some of these moves
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What I enjoyed most about this class was that the instructor cued and corrected exactly as she saw as opposed to offering a pre-rehearsed monologue. Sometimes we can get into habits of repeating the same cues, Monica's lesson seems fresh and spontaneous a sign of a great teacher!
Really great class! The students have lovely form and Monica is a wonderful teacher!
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Really enjoyed. Thank you.
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Great ideas with the magic circle.
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