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Balance Workshop
Mariska Breland
Workshop 2132

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The past workshop that I took, which I loved, included your slides. I don't see them on this one am I missing them? They really were helpful if I am not missing them can you send them?
Hi Barb - yes there are slides. Standby and I'll try to get them posted! Apologies that they weren't up, yet!
Thanks so much! Great workshop
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Barb ~ Thank you for letting us know that the slides were missing. I have added them to the workshop so you can download them and print them out. I'm glad you enjoyed this workshop!
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Thank you for including the slides! There is so much information. It is nice to be able to refer back!
Excellent and thorough presentation!
How do you purchase this workshop?
Natasha ~ When you go to the workshop, there is a Buy Now button above the video. Once you click the button, it will prompt you to enter your payment information. I hope you enjoy it!
In spite of having experience in vestibular rehabilitation as a physical therapist, I have gained a greater understanding of balance disorders and interventions using the Pilates method after completion of this workshop. Admittedly, I needed to break out a vestibular rehabilitation book when taking the exam to refresh my memory. Informative and well presented.

Is this workshop meant for instructors or can someone who experiences mild vertigo regularly benefit from it? I don't have the apparatus mentioned, if there's balance exercises in there with no props I could do regularly I'd consider purchasing, thanks for any reposnse
Hi Sue! Sorry for the delayed response. The workshop isn't really geared to instructors - it's about a general understanding of balance. A lot of the exercises (most probably) can be done without apparatus. For vertigo, if it is mild, one of the things that has worked well for me is walking on a treadmill (holding on) and turning my head slowly from side to side, and then turning my eyes slowly from side to side. I look up and down and left and right (and up left, down right, etc.) I discuss it in the workshop - why things like that can help. :)
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