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Balance Workshop
Mariska Breland
Workshop 2132

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Lucie Bécus
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This was very informative and interesting! I have a list of things to practice for myself as well as ideas to take in the studio for my students. Everyone always says 'I just have bad balance' ... now I can set them straight and give them homework beyond what we can do in the studio :) Thank you!
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Glad you liked it!
I have been watching(and enjoying) your workshop. Tuesday I watched sections 5 and 6 and have been dizzy and nauseous ever since. I was walking on my treadmill while watching and turning my head while Walking. Do you think I caused the dizziness?. How long till it goes away?
Hi Allison - I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. Do you have any dizziness as a regular symptom? Were you watching the video on your treadmill? That might be the issue - too much stimulation at once. If it lingers, I would suggest finding a PT who specializes in vestibular issues. :(
Hi Mariska:
I would like to sign up for your balance workshop but I have few question before purchasing it.
I deal with geriatrics group ( not teaching Pilates to them only aerobics and strength training) and was wondering if this work shop can be geared toward them.
No Pilates equipment in this facility.
Also, would I be able to print out your slides off of your video for my own use.
Lastly, I love your method of teaching.
Have a great day and hope to hear from you soon.
Hi Mahnaz - Actually, my whole thoughts on balance training is that most people do things that are much too hard for most people - this workshop talks about the different systems of balance and how each can play a role. I think it would be appropriate for your clients. I know there are slides - I think they are available when you buy the workshop, and if they aren't, I can send them to you. Best, Mariska
Thank you for your response.
Have a great day
I'm sorry but what does RUB stand for
Patty roll up bar :)
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