Explore your Fascial Body
Wendy L.
Class 2192

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Great classes! Feel like every time I do one of your classes I'm able to go deeper and understand a little more. This classes was even more grounding .So happy to have you in my living room. You don't feel so far away. Love the connection
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Well, this may have just changed my practice and my life completely. Thank you very much!
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This type of instruction , which is not prescriptive but giving the participant the opportunity to explore themselves individually can be very confronting to those who are so used to being told what to feel. I am so appreciative to have had the opportunity to experience this with Wendy.
Thank you all so much! Your feedback is so important...and as you are saying, it is challenging to begin allowing our bio intelligence to guide us in movement. We are all pioneering a new language for embodied Pilates!
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Really enjoyed the pace, allowing the body to process the movement. I couldn't help but think using the Tye4 in place of the thera band would give the body even more support and feedback.
HI MIchelle, I agree that the Tye4 could be excellent...and the Stretch-eze band also can give more suppor, so we are able to access the tensegrity of our body's fascial system to support the muscles, bones, internal organs, etc., in movement. What we are both referring to is not so much WHAT we are using, but, HOW does it help us to access our deep biointelligence when we move and workout.
Thank you Wendy! I love the Spirals and more and more I understand - my body feels - the deep connections and the meaning of gravity! So much has to happen to let the mind soften and really give into it.. Like always, - I love your work and I love to let your words get in my cells!
Hi Silke, it is so good to hear from you since you came for your Personal Intensive at our studio! Thank you for your thoughtful insights...as you are saying it is a consciousness shift to allow gravity to be our partner with "core coordination" from foot to head and hand supported by our centering breath, rather than "fighting" gravity with "core control", by pulling the navel to the spine. Spirals are the way nature forms itself, and we are part of nature, so it makes sense you would be experiencing a deeper awareness of yourself as a "cellular being". My studies with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen really brought that reality into my body and being. I miss you and would love to hear more about your Pilates journey in Germany. Email me to connect, xwendy
I really enjoyed the assistance in understanding your body, how it move and feels. Great class.
thank you so much, Jessica. This approach to moving and teaching Pilates is based on a more embodied understanding of our body's language and how, when we listen to our bodies, we are guided in how to help ourselves grow and heal in powerful ways, xwendy
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